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Installation of SG2 Optical Gates in the Poznań Nowy Rynek Office Building

SG speed gates gastop

The installation of SG2 optical gates by Unikontrol in the Poznań Nowy Rynek office building is a key element in ensuring effective access control and security. These advanced gates, manufactured by Gastop, provide reliable protection within the building, eliminating unauthorized access. Thanks to their modern and elegant design, they perfectly complement the office building’s contemporary interior. Integration with security and surveillance systems allows for comprehensive monitoring and recording of people movement. This is an investment in peace of mind and effective access control, meeting the highest safety standards for employees and guests in Poznań Nowy Rynek.

The process of installing the gates was preceded by Unikontrol preparing an initial concept, detailed collaboration with the architectural office, cable project, and preparation of the installation sites for the passages.

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