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Installation of SG2 Optical Gates in the Poznań Nowy Rynek Office Building

SG speed gates gastop
Installation of SG2 Optical Gates in the Poznań Nowy Rynek Office Building The installation of SG2 optical gates by Unikontrol in the Poznań Nowy Rynek office building is a key element in ensuring effective access control and security. These advanced gates, manufactured by Gastop, provide reliable protection within the building, eliminating unauthorized access. Thanks to their modern and elegant design,…
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PEDESTRIAN TRAFFIC CONTROL Standard pedestrian traffic control – pedestrian traffic control approximated in the number and authorisations of people crossing, where control and supervision is made by identifying cases of crosses attempts or unauthorised crosses (e.g. passage of 2 people based on a single authorisation). It occurs mainly with the use of turnstiles with a rotor, equipped in 3-4 passage…
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SG-3 optical turnstiles installed in Skyliner Skyscraper

skyliner gastop stopcontrol sg3
The unique optical gates of the SG-3 series in white were installed by specialists from Stopcontrol company in an equally unique place: Skyliner Skyscraper. Stopcontrol specialists installed optical gates of the SG-3 series in the Skyliner building, characterized by an unusual, white color scheme. The selected color perfectly complements the industrial interior design of this skyscraper. The entire work included…
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Gate zone, proper facility infrastructure

APPROPRIATE FACILITY INFRASTRUCTURE AND PEDESTRIAN TRAFFIC ORDERING Gate zone is the zone covering the area where persons registering at the access control system and using the entrance control are to stay and move about. The entrance zone covers the zone of information and traffic ordering, zone for access authorisation to the gate zone, passage zone at the gate/device, and exit…
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Elements of the infrastructure at spectator facilities

high turnstile turnstiles blog gastop
T he pedestrian traffic control infrastructure at the spectator facilities, such as stadiums, is specified in many European and national standards and regulations, as well as ones issued by various organisations. The cycle of articles to be published in our Magazine will form an attempt to determine the set of such documents, with their general description. This article presents two…
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Turnstile, gate capacity

turnstile gate capacity
F or the purpose of correct designing and execution of the pedestrian traffic control system in the facility, account for its appropriate capacity. Such assessment is to be made at the phase of concept or engineering design development. In order to accurately calculate the capacity, gather the following information: maximum number of people to use the pedestrian traffic control system,…
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UEFA stadiums requirements

UEFA turnstiles stadiums requirements
UEFA REQUIREMENTS - FACILITY INFRASTRUCTURE The infrastructure of stadiums, where sport events organised by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) are to take place must meet the requirements of the organisation. Such requirements are issued individually for each event. Requirements for EURO 2016 have been published in the document: “Stadium Requirements – UEFA EURO 2016. The document regulates many…
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