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The unique optical gates of the SG-3 series in white were installed by specialists from Stopcontrol company in an equally unique place: Skyliner Skyscraper.

Stopcontrol specialists installed optical gates of the SG-3 series in the Skyliner building, characterized by an unusual, white color scheme. The selected color perfectly complements the industrial interior design of this skyscraper.

The entire work included the installation of 12 SG-3 series optical gate modules. The installation work took two days.

An important issue was the correct organization of communication routes in the passage and exit sections.

The passage section is the working area of the device including the range of the moving elements and, if there is a detection zone, of the device’s sensor system.

  • The width of the passage should be adjusted to the planned type of pedestrian traffic and the degree of protection (e.g. wheelchair traffic).
  • The passage section cannot be in the immediate vicinity of stairs, landings, other devices that may affect the safety and ergonomics of the passage.
  • The communication route should be free of any thresholds or ground height differences.
  • The floor of the passage section should be made of non-slip materials.
  • The passage section should be adequately illuminated.
  • It is recommended to use a single crossing section for a single traffic direction (it is possible to establish two-way pedestrian traffic for one section only if there is a low volume of pedestrian traffic and there is no risk of congestion in front of the devices).
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