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high gate passage and gate for bicycles / luggage

Our access control system for port marin as is a modern solution based on generating access tickets with QR codes. This ensures easy and secure access to mooring places. The presented system version consists of a high turnstile gate and a swing gate for luggage or bicycles, enabling smooth handling of passengers and their belongings. Our system can be installed directly on the ground or in a mobile version on a platform. It’s an excellent solution for marinas, providing convenience, safety, and access control for yacht owners and their guests.

access code generator – operating principle

QR Code Generator – Online Application Each gate (set) has its unique key required for generating access codes enabling passage. To generate codes, you need to log in to the online application using the appropriate key. After logging in, you can assign access for a specified period, and the system will automatically send the code to the provided email address.

The mobile device receives the transmitted code, which becomes the key to open the passage within a specified period.

The passage is opened (multiple times based on one key) within a specified period. The QR code system can open any GASTOP access control devices previously defined in the system with its unique key. These can include high and low turnstiles, gates, swing gates, speed gates (A1), barriers, and more.

mobile passage – plug and play version
high turnstile with gate for bicycles/luggage

Mobile passage (on a platform) does not require anchoring to the ground. It is ready to operate immediately after delivery to the designated location and requires a 230 V power connection. The passage is prepared for integration with additional fencing (option available upon request).

The access control system in port marinas allows for automatic management of access for people and vehicles to specific zones based on generated QR code tickets (sent to mobile devices or printed versions). This ensures easy and secure access to yacht berthing areas. The presented system can consist of a low turnstile, a high revolving gate, and a swing gate for baggage or bicycles, facilitating smooth passenger and cargo handling. The entire system is customized for each location, guaranteeing the highest standards tailored to specific needs.

Basic elements of the system

Single lane turnstile

Single lane turnstile with bike passage


A1 speed gate

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